100% Coral Coverage Video

I happened to recently stumble upon this great video of 100% Coral Coverage at a reef off of Kisan Island in the Solomon Islands. The video was uploaded about a month ago, but was filmed in 2006.

Its been 3.5 years. My question is, of course, is it still there? There have been storms, tsunamis, ocean water temperature increase, acidification, and a myriad of other issues destroying the coral reefs and with them, delicate ecosystems. Has anybody seen anything like this since 2006? Has anybody been back to this isolated location? By the way, if anybody (travel agency, research institute, conservation society, dive shop, etc.) wants to send me out there to take some video and report, I think I could probably find some time! Just leave a comment or head on over to the contact page and fire me an email!

So, hopefully you’re asking if there’s anything that you can do to help. First, get educated about what’s going on and help educate others. Go with your friends and family to your local aquarium, take some time to get a good look at their fish and coral reefs, and talk to them about their conservation programs. Ask them about their volunteer programs and volunteer if you can. If you live near water, head on out to the beach, put a mask and snorkel on and check out what’s under there. Take a SCUBA or snorkel trip on your next vacation, but do some research to make sure that the company you take the trip with values ocean conservation and follows some sort of an ocean conservation plan. Maybe its an extra $10 donation on your trip to help maintain the marine park that you end up swimming in, and make sure you look but don’t touch.

You can also head on over to sites like NOAA, or the Coral Restoration Foundation. While there you can learn about all sorts of environmental issues, the research that’s being done, and even leave a donation if you so choose. Also, check you this article in National Geographic about the Coral Triangle Rescue Plan.

Got some good underwater videos of fish and corals? Leave a comment below!