Aquarium of the Week Contest!

Start sending us emails at with the subject “Aquarium of the Week!” Include some pictures and a short description of an aquarium that you are submitting for the weekly contest. We will look through all of the submissions for the week – generally Monday evening through Sunday – and award an aquarium of the week every Monday! We will then report about the aquarium of the week via all of our media outlets, bringing a little beauty and enjoyment to all in the beginning of every week! We will not share your email addresses or contact information, but do not include any personal information in your emails and tank descriptions that you are not willing to share with all.

Now that the boring legal stuff is out of the way, send us some pictures and information about your beautiful aquarium! Also, sign up for our free weekly newsletter and e-updates to get the first look at every aquarium of the week winner, free aquarium tank tips,  and aquarium news.

Have another aquarium contests we should play? Leave a comment and let us know.