Aquarium Tips of the Day | Don’t Scrape with Substrate

Today’s Aquarium Tip Tank tip of the day will help you keep your tank scratch free. Understandably, you wouldn’t just take some of your substrate and start scraping it on the sides of your tank. However, it is possible to inadvertently get some into the scraper that you’re using and scratch the inside walls of your aquarium. Just pay a little bit of attention to what you’re doing when it is time to scrape the algae off the walls of your aquarium and make sure that you don’t have any gravel, sand, crushed coral, small shells, or any other kind of substrate stuck in between your scraper and your aquarium walls.

This is especially important with acrylic tanks. They tend to scratch a little bit easier. However, glass will scratch too if you don’t realize that you have a piece of substrate between your scraper and your aquarium wall.

Trust me, at some point you will get some sand wedged between your scraper and your aquarium wall. It might be with a magnetic scraper. It might be with a razor-like scraper. It might be with a softer, “acrylic safe”, scraper. At some point you will try to get all the way to the bottom of your tank to rid the entire inside surface of your tank of algae and debris. You’ll kick up a little substrate and the tiniest of particles will get wedged into the space between scraper and wall. Just remove your scraper from the wall, shake the debris loose in the water column, possibly take a quick second to remove more stubborn pieces of debris under a freshwater faucet, and resume. It certainly doesn’t take much time, and it will save you years of an unsightly eye sore.

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