Aquarium Tips of the Day | Float your Fish Bag

Today’s Aquarium Tip Tank tip of the day is one of the steps to help acclimate new fish to your aquarium. This acclimation step is the one that will really help get the fish acclimated to the temperature of the water in your fish tank. Its really simple. Just keep your fish in the bag that it came in and float that bag at the top of your aquarium for about 30 minutes with the lights off.

If you have a refugium, wet/dry filter, or sump below your fish tank or somewhere out of sight, you can also float your fish bag there without turning the lights to your main tank off. Of course, this location has to be big enough and have enough of your aquarium water running through it to float your fish bag. Otherwise, float the bag on top of your main aquarium tank and make sure you turn the light off.

This will allow the heat of the water in your tank – or temperature of your water considering the fact that I guess there is a possibility of your aquarium water being cooler – to slowly transfer to the water in your fish bag. The temperatures will slowly equalize and your fish won’t be stressed by quickly being dunked into water with a different temperature.

The water in the fish bag shouldn’t be too far off from the water temperature of your aquarium. After all, you should be purchasing livestock that are well suited for the conditions of your tank, and the store that you bought your fish from should be keeping the fish in similar temperature water. However, you did have to transport your fish home, and that just leaves time for the water in the fish bag to change temperature. How that water temperature changes all depends on the ambient air conditions that surround the bag on the way home.

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