Aquarium Tips of the Day | Get Outside

Today’s aquarium tip may seem a little bit odd considering this is a website about home aquariums. However, Earth Day was just this past Sunday and conservation has been on the mind. This tip should help you relax though. So go ahead and turn off the TV, turn off the computer, put the video games away, take one last look at your beautiful aquarium, and get outside and out of the house!

I say this tip is about conservation because while you’re outside take some time to enjoy all of the beautiful things that nature surrounds us with. Head over to the park, take a walk, and take a nice deep breath of fresh air while enjoying the birds and the trees. Maybe you live near the ocean or the lake and you can take a walk on the beach and find some fun creatures that live there. Go with your friends and family and teach your kids about all of the fish in the rivers and streams you might be surrounded by.

Children are spending half as much time outside as they did 20 years ago. If we don’t get them, our friends, and our family outside to enjoy the things that nature has to offer in its oceans, forests, plains, deserts, and canyons, then how are we supposed to expect them to help us conserve such beauty and life?

Take a trip outside recently? Camping? Hiking? SCUBA diving? Snorkeling? Leave comments below!