Aquarium Tips of the Day | Have a Sturdy Tank Stand

Today’s Aquarium Tip Tank tip of the day will give you confidence that your fish tank will stay upright and you won’t come home to a broken tank and water all over your floor. It’s really simple. Just make sure that your tank stand is sturdy enough to hold your aquarium!

First, water weighs a whole lot. With all of the equipment, substrate, rock, etc. just round up and say that every gallon of water is 10 lbs that your stand has to hold up. For a 30 gallon tank, that’s 300 lbs. For a 100 gallon tank, that’s 1,000 lbs. Please make sure that your stand can hold all of that weight.

Second, sturdy doesn’t only mean that it can hold a lot of weight. With all of that precious cargo you also don’t want your tank to tip, wobble, fall over, and break. Make sure that your fish tank and its stand are on level ground with sure footing. You don’t want to end up with your fish tank, all of your water, your pet fish, and all of that great equipment broken on the floor!

Ever had any issues with your tank stand? Leave comments below!