Aquarium Tips of the Day | Go One Size Larger for your Aquarium Filter

Today’s Aquarium Tip Tank tip of the day will help you keep your water clean and your feet propped up when the thought of your aquarium filter pops into your head. You ever buy that filter that was recommended for 20 – 30 gallons for your 30 gallon tank? Then, you were constantly scrubbing, cleaning, buying and changing filter media? Save yourself the hassle, and possibly the expense of buying a whole brand new aquarium filter and size up! Purchase the aquarium filter that is one size larger and rated for tanks that are larger than yours.

It may cost $10 extra to get that hanging power filter that is rated for 55 gallons instead of 30, but that is much better than the stress and added work that may come along with buying the filter rated for 30 gallons. If you end up purchasing a filter that is too small, you may even end up throwing it out and just buying the larger filter in the end. Instead of learning your lesson the hard way, just pay the extra $10 for the larger filter and relax while having the confidence that your aquarium filter is going to keep your water clear!

Purchasing an aquarium filter? Ever have a filter problem in your tank? Leave your comments below!