Aquarium Tips of the Day | Perform Water Change as close to Departure Date for Holiday Travel as Possible

Going on a trip? Maybe a nice vacation to the beach to do some snorkeling and some SCUBA diving? Today’s Aquarium Tip Tank tip of the day will help you keep a little calmer about the health of your fish tank while your out of town. You don’t really want the caretaker of your fish to have to do too much or deal with too many emergencies while you’re out of town. Why not make sure its as clean and as waste free as possible for the fish sitter right? All you should do is perform a 20% water change about a week before departure and another 20% water change as close to actual departure time as possible.

Personally, if I’m going out of town for a long weekend and I’m heading out on a Thursday night, then I try to make sure that I have a couple minutes to perform a water change early Thursday afternoon. My job is a little bit weird with times, and this works for me. It probably wouldn’t work for somebody that has a normal 9-5 job who’s leaving straight from work to catch their 7pm flight. In that case, just make sure you get that last water change done on Wednesday evening.

Normally scheduled water changes are about every 2 weeks anyway right? Well, doing it this way when traveling will add another water change, but your fish and your pet sitter will love you for it. You can never underestimate the importance of good water quality. Performing these simple water changes will keep your mind at ease. It will also allow your pet sitter to just stop by, feed the fish, check the water temperature, and make sure all of the equipment is still on and running. Also, this good water quality can help your livestock survive even if all else fails (can you say power outage?) and you’re not home to fix it!

Heading out on vacation soon? Got a good fish sitter and maintenance crew? Leave a comment below!