Aquarium Tips of the Day | Protect Your Tank from Home Improvement!

Today’s Aquarium Tip Tank tip of the day will help you keep nasty chemicals and foreign debris out/off of your aquarium system! Ever use the vacuum or dust a wall around your tank just to look down at your aquarium and see a film floating in your aquarium water or a piece of foreign debris on your tank? It could be even worse if you were using a saw, drilling, sanding, or painting around your aquarium, there was sawdust or tiny paint splatters flying around, and you don’t realize until after the fact that you forgot to protect your aquarium system. Just make sure that you cover up and protect your aquarium system whenever you’re doing home improvement projects near your tank!

This could be as easy as throwing a large sheet over your aquarium set-up, but make sure that you don’t burn the sheet with your lights and that there is still enough ventilation for the aquarium. It would be much better to have your lights turned off for a little while and a large sheet over your tank than let chemicals from something like a pest exterminator float into your tank.

Do you have a creative way of protecting your aquarium when necessary? Leave comments below!