Aquarium Tips of the Day | Purchase Fish that Suit Your Aquarium Conditions

Yes, I’m sure a lot of you are looking at this Aquarium Tip Tank tip of the day and saying, “DUH! I’m not going to buy a saltwater fish for my freshwater aquarium or anything.” However, there is a little more to it than that. If you follow this tip, do a little research about your fish, and put it all to good use, you’ll be able to relax, knowing that your livestock is happy and healthy.

See its not just about putting freshwater fish into a freshwater tank. You have to ask yourself questions like, what kind of fish do I have in my aquarium already? Will my new fish get along with the fish that I currently have?  Is the aquarium big enough for another tang?

Angelfish are beautiful saltwater fish, but they are also aggressive.  You can’t just have a tank full of angelfish because they will fight, get stressed, and some of them will die. Clownfish are very hardy saltwater fish, and can be great for beginners. However, clownfish can also be aggressively territorial. Unless you find a mated pair, you should only keep one clownfish. If you want to add a clownfish to your tank you should also make sure that the tank is big enough, and that it has a cave, hole, or anemone in a section of the aquarium that it can call “home”.

These are just a few examples of things to look out for when purchasing fish for your tank. First, when you set up your tank, you should have put some thought into the fish and livestock you wanted to keep. Then, once you have an established tank, its much easier to make sure that any additional fish you’d like to keep will actually suit your aquarium conditions rather than trying to change the conditions in your tank, and possibly stressing the livestock you currently have, just to keep one new fish.

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