Aquarium Tips of the Day | Rinse All of Your Tools Off

Today’s Aquarium Tip Tank tip of the day will help you keep from getting foreign particles into the water of your fish tank. Ever just grab a 5 gallon bucket and just start filling it with RO/DI water in order to top-up what your tank has lost due to evaporation? Then, halfway through the process look down and realize that there are several hairs, dust, and dirt particles floating around in it? Now, you have to dump that water out, rinse out the bucket, and start all over. You probably would’ve saved a whole lot of time if you had just rinsed the bucket out in the first place.

Just rinse your tools off before using them for your aquarium. This does not mean that you can use that bucket that you used to use to mix chemical household cleaners in as long as you rinse it out first. NEVER, use that bucket for your aquarium. However, you probably have clean, aquarium safe tools that you will use on your aquarium regularly. Prior to placing those tools into your aquarium water or your aquarium system, just rinse them off with normal tap water. It doesn’t have to be special filtered water or water that you’ve put special additives into. Just use the water that comes straight out of your tap.

See, even though you use those aquarium tools regularly, they still just sit around for some period of time every day. During that time they are collecting dust, dirt, and whatever other small particles might pass them by. I’m not saying that your house is dirty. Every house has a little dust and grime floating around it. You may not have used that bucket for 2 weeks since your last water change. Could something have fallen in it? Floated into it? Crawled into it? Maybe, but just check it out and give it a quick rinse!

Your aquarium isn’t used to those dust particles. They may make your water conditions go haywire. Its just easier to give your aquarium tools a quick rinse before using them and it ends up that it can save a lot of time as well.

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