Aquarium Tips of the Day | Stop Feeding before Moving your Fish

Today’s Aquarium Tip Tank tip of the day is another easy little piece of advice to help you keep your fish a little bit healthier during transportation from one fish tank to another. Maybe you’re moving and its time to take all of the fish with you. For whatever reason you have to take your fish out of the tank and put it in a bag for a little while. In order to keep from fouling the water in the bag during transport, just stop feeding your livestock about 36 hours prior to the big move.

Hopefully, you’ve been performing regular water changes and your fish and other livestock have been enjoying clean, ammonia free water, with little to zero nitrates and nitrites. Well, your now about to put your fish in a bag with no live rock, no live sand, and no helpful bacterial population. There isn’t anything in that bag to keep the waste from that fish from fouling the water. So, it would be nice if the fish didn’t make any waste in that water. The only way to stop this from happening is to not feed your fish for a little while before putting it in the transport bag. Allow your fish tank to “fast” for about 36 hours prior to placing them in plastic bags and your livestock should’ve had a chance to digest just about everything they’ve eaten. Then, they won’t have anything to make waste out of!

Moving your fish soon? Ever had any trouble with fish transport? Leave a comment below.