Aquarium Tips of the Day | Take Your Tank Dimensions With You

Today’s Aquarium Tip Tank tip of the day will save you a whole lot of time and frustration. I know this because I’ve already done it once or twice with the new aquarium that I’m working on getting set up. I’ve gone to my LFS, had conversations about lights and set up, how much live rock and substrate I would need, etc. I came home, and did some research on these things. The entire time I was thinking that my tank was 24 inches wide. For some reason or another I decided to put a measuring tape to my tank again, just to figure out that my tank was actually 30 inches wide. All of my assumptions, calculations, research, and conversations that I had were completely wrong. I should’ve just made sure that I had the dimensions of my tank with me at all times!

I can’t use a light that has a maximum light stand width of 24 inches. Use the wrong width and some of my on-the-spot calculations for the volume of my tank had to be incorrect.

It’s really easy to do. I could’ve just had it in a note on my smartphone (by the way…I just made that note in my smartphone). I could’ve wrote the dimensions on a small piece of paper and stuck it in my wallet. It is so easy to have my tank dimensions with me at all times that I could’ve saved myself trips to the store, research time, and frustration by taking them with me. Just remembering them correctly would’ve been nice too.

Ever made a simple task harder? Have any breakthroughs and/or pictures of your aquarium? Leave comments below.