Aquarium Tips of the Day | Test Your Homemade Aquarium Saltwater

Today’s Aquarium Tip Tank tip of the day will keep you from fouling your tropical fish tank water and creating all sorts of health problems. Are you sure you put enough salt mix into your RO/DI purified water? Did you add too much salt mix? Maybe some water has evaporated from your saltwater containers and the salinity is a little off. How’s the alkalinity and pH? Grab some test trips and take a few minutes to test your homemade saltwater before just pouring it into your fish tank!

Get out your hydrometer and do a quick test for specific gravity and salinity. Yes, a refractometer is better, but also much more expensive. You want a quicker, more accurate way to measure pH? You can grab a pH Tester for $15 from Amazon and have one delivered to your house in just a few days! These simple tests take less than 2 minutes, and can easily give you peace of mind about the quality of saltwater that you’re about to add to your home aquarium.

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