Aquarium Tips of the Day | Try your hardest to Find Tank Bred Livestock!

Today’s Aquarium Tip Tank tip of the day won’t only help you save the planet, it may also save you the headache of nursing a stressed fish back to health. It is usually very simple to do. You may have to ask a few questions at your Local Fish Store (LFS) or send an email to the online fish store that you’re ordering from. However, the information you seek is normally readily available. All you have to ask is…Is this fish tank bred and tank raised? Where is this fish from and how did it get here? Please, please, please, try your very hardest to find tank bred livestock for your aquarium.

First of all, purchasing tank bred fish and invertebrates is the “green” way to go. If you are purchasing a tank bred fish you are not purchasing a fish that was removed from its home in a natural reef ecosystem or a lake or river somewhere halfway across the Earth. Those ecosystems need those fish in order to thrive and sustain natural habits and species diversity. If you remove too many of the smaller, tropical fish, then there isn’t enough food for the larger predators in that ecosystem.

Second, while tank bred and raised fish may cost more, they should also be easier to care for. You can have the peace of mind that you didn’t take anything from a natural ecosystem and the peace of mind that your fish is used to its surroundings. It wasn’t pulled from its home half way across the world and transported in a small bag or container thousands of miles to reach its new aquarium. The tank bred and raised fish isn’t stressed from all of that travel. It doesn’t know anything other than finding a home in a tank and being fed aquarium food. It should be a hardier fish, a less stressed fish, it should be used to its surroundings, it should be eating aquarium food, and it should adapt a whole lot easier to your tank. The question is, why wouldn’t you want a tank bred fish?

We’re not saying that there aren’t sometimes issues with finding tank bred fish. Almost all of the freshwater fish that aquarists keep these days are tank bred. However, there are only a few tropical saltwater fish that have been bred in an aquarium successfully. All we ask is that you try your hardest. You do some research, and you try your best to first find fish that are tank bred and raised.

Where do your fish come from? Leave your comments below!