Aquarium Tips of the Day | Use Proper Exposure Protection

Today’s Aquarium Tip Tank tip of the day will keep you safe. First, you should know what you have in your aquarium, and the threats that your livestock may pose to your safety. However, when you reach into your tank to re-position that power head, pump, or magnet cleaner that has been there for a day or two you have to realize that there may be an errant tube worm, sharp shell, or stinging tentacle that has found its way to where you want to grab. It’s easy to protect yourself. Just make sure that you wear the proper exposure protection when you must place body parts in to your fish tank.

This may mean that you put a pair of gloves on. If your tank is huge it may mean that you jump into a wetsuit. You may even want to throw a pair of protective glasses on to protect your eyes. I know, it sounds like I’m going a little overboard here, and I’ll admit that I don’t usually put gloves on. I also know that I’m not allergic to marine animals, or shellfish, and that I don’t keep any poisonous livestock. I also try to only take hold of things that I can see and inspect first. However, if I’m going to grab something buried, or hidden, I always make sure to throw on a pair of gloves.

Wear the proper exposure protection and save yourself from stings, cuts, scrapes, and possible poisoning. It has happened to the most experienced hobbyists I know, and afterwards they always claimed that they wouldn’t have gotten stung had they took the 2 seconds to throw on some gloves.

Been cut, scraped, stung, or poisoned messing around in your aquarium? Tell us the story! Leave comments below.