Baby Penguins at Georgia Aquarium

The Georgia Aquarium has announced that it has 2 newborn South African Penguins waddling around Atlanta. The baby penguins were born at the aquarium in early January. It wasn’t announced that the aquarium had new arrivals until late March due to the fragile nature of rearing and caring for newborn penguins. Now, the South African Penguins are two months old and gave gained about 5.75 pounds and will be full grown in about 1 month!

When born the penguin chicks weighed about 100 grams and had down feathers, but they are now in the fledgling stage and have started to shed those fluffy feathers to “waterproof” themselves with new juvenile feathers. Then, the animal care and training team will begin teaching the chicks to swim and eventually introduce them to the rest of the South African Penguin colony.

For more pictures and information, check out Georgia Aquarium’s new blog.

(Photo courtesy of Georgia Aquarium)

(Video courtesy of WXIA Atlanta)