Tip of the Day | Buy Healthy Fish!

Today’s aquarium tip from Aquarium Tip Tank seems pretty obvious doesn’t it? You wouldn’t walk into your Local Fish Store (LFS) and buy a fish that’s belly up and expect to nurse it back to life after putting it in a plastic bag and transporting it home right? Well, included below are a few more tips about selecting some healthy fish from your LFS that might save you some time, money and frustration.

You know that dead fish that I was just talking about that was belly up in the fish tank at your LFS? Don’t buy anything else that was in the tank with that fish. Its very possible that there is some sort of water condition and/or health problem in that tank that is spreading to all of the other fish. It would be terrible to get home, take the time to adjust your fish to your tank and water conditions, get your new fish into your aquarium, and wake up the next day with that new fish, and possibly several others belly up from whatever disease you brought home from your LFS. This is also a good reason for a quarantine tank, but we’ll get into that in future posts.

Take some time at your LFS to observe the behavior of the fish very carefully before buying. Do not buy any fish that looks stressed or damaged in any way. Some signs of stressed or damaged fish are cloudy eyes, torn or clamped fins, spots or sores on the body of the fish, a sluggish fish, or a fish that appears to be shivering. If there is one fish in the tank that appears sick, then don’t buy any of the fish from that tank. Also, inspect the tanks at your LFS. Make sure that the tank you select your fish from has clear, clean water. Avoid tanks that have discolored water, or have residue along the tops and sides of the tank. If your LFS has more than one tank with these signs of ignorance, then find another fish store all together.

All you really have to do is find the fish you want in a clean tank with clear water and make sure that the fish is active, alert, and doesn’t show any signs of being stressed or damaged! Pick that fish out, take that fish home, and enjoy your new pet!

Find a fish you want to take home for your aquarium? Let us know about it. Leave a comment!