Tip of the Day | Cleaning your new Tank

This Aquarium Tip Tank aquarium tip of the day is all about cleaning your new tank out before use! Keep reading to learn about the easy, natural way to clean out your new tank for your aquarium. Personally, I would take these steps even if I bought a brand new tank from my local fish store (LFS). Cleaning your tank is a must if you acquired a used tank from a garage sale, or the one that’s been sitting in your attic for a year.

First, start by just rinsing your tank out. Using water that is Reverse Osmosis filtered and DE-ionized (RODI) is preferred, but not completely necessary for this process. If your tank is new from your LFS, then your cleaning is pretty much done. You’re just looking to get some of that dust and packaging material knocked off and out of your tank. You can let the inside of the tank air dry and wipe the outside down with a clean, soft cloth.

If your tank has been sitting in a dirty garage or attic collecting spider webs, paint chips, and sawdust for the last year (or more), you’ve got a little more cleaning to do. DO NOT USE ANY CHEMICAL CLEANERS! Just take a 1/4 cup or your normal white vinegar and dilute it with about 1/4 gallon of water (again RO/DI water is always preferred). Put that mixture in a new, rinsed spray bottle. That’s your cleaner. Get as much dust and dirt out of the tank by just rinsing it out with plain water first, then use your homemade cleaner and a clean, soft cloth to get the dirty grime off of all the surfaces and out of all of the nooks and crannies. Thoroughly rinse your tank out one last time and you’re done!

Make sure you do all of this in a location where you won’t scratch or crack your aquarium and where you won’t destroy your carpet or any other part of your home! When you’re done with the cleaning, it’s time for the leak test!

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