Coral Nurseries Reviving more Reefs

Its always great to hear a story about how underwater coral nurseries, SCUBA divers, and the knowledge and techniques of the aquarium hobby are helping to revive the natural coral reefs out in our world’s oceans. When we hear about these stories, Aquarium Tip Tank will always share them.

We’ve reported about transplanting corals to the reefs off the coast of Fort Lauderdale, and how Ken Nedimyer is growing corals in his nursery in the Florida Keys. This story comes from Puerto Rico where, in April of 2006, a 750 foot-long tanker hit the Tallaboa reef, crumbling about 2 acres of coral reef. It was great insight that some SCUBA divers had to immediately collect some of the crushed pieces of coral that were left behind in the rubble and start a coral nursery with just 100 fragments of coral.

Today, the nursery is home to 1,500 individual corals. Divers have been able to move 100 pieces of coral a day from the nursery to sites as close as 100 feet away in order to help revive the coral reef that has been demolished by large boats running aground.

Check out the full story by Andrea Mustain of OurAmazingPlanet here.