Coral Rescue by the Aquarium Hobbyist

Marine scientists are going to start transplanting corals that have been grown in onshore aquarium nurseries to damaged reef off the shores of Fort Lauderdale. Ken Nedimyer, president of Coral Restoration Foundation, gives credit to aquarists for the ideas, techniques, and knowledge about growing and transplanting. These are just some of the pieces of news about how the aquarium hobbyist can help with the ocean and reef conservation efforts that we like to read here at aquarium tip tank.

Coral reefs off the South Florida coast have been disappearing due to several factors both natural and man made. Storms and hurricanes can wipe out a coral reef and bring disease. The reefs and sea life can also become stressed from a high volume of boat traffic and large ships. The Coral Restoration Foundation and marine scientists throughout South Florida are attempting to transplant, replace, and restore those damaged coral reefs by using techniques learned from the aquarium hobbyist.