Tip of the Day | Don’t Lift a Full Aquarium

Today’s aquarium tip will keep your back healthy for a longer time. It will also provide a way to move your aquarium without damaging your tank. It’s easy, just make sure that you don’t lift a full aquarium! While your at it, make sure you remove all rocks, substrate, decorations, and water and make sure your aquarium is empty if you decide to pick it up off of its stand.

I know, you might be thinking this is a little bit of overkill. But you’ll be happier removing all of the water, rocks, substrate, and decorations from your tank than you will be if you have to re-seal your tank. Re-sealing your tank may be what is necessary if you don’t empty your tank before lifting it. Any weight on the bottom of your tank will pull at the seams around the edges of the tank that hold the bottom to the sides of the aquarium. It is possible for this gravitational force, even if small, to create a tiny leak in the seam of the sealant that is round the edges and in the corners of your aquarium. If this happens, you’ll have to re-seal that spot, which means re-sealing the entire tank. You’ll end up having to remove everything that is in your aquarium to re-seal the tank anyway.

If you’re moving your aquarium tank, go ahead and empty it so that you don’t end up creating a leak and having to empty your aquarium anyway.

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