Free Tank Selection Worksheet!

One of our Aquarium Tips of the Day here at Aquarium Tip Tank is to use checklists and worksheets to keep your aquarium adventure simple! Its much easier to remember the maintenance tasks that you have to perform if you have them written down in front of you and can just check them off as you go. It is also much quicker and easier to go through a worksheet to pick out the new equipment that you want, or to see if the new fish that you want to add to your tank is compatible with the rest of your livestock.

Personally, I’ve read all of the books and tried to absorb all of the information in them, but I hate having to climb up my bookcase, pull all the aquarium books out, and scan through them until I find the information that I’m looking for. These days I’ve gotten a little more efficient by just making up checklists, worksheets, and charts that I use for everything from buying equipment like tanks or lights and selecting livestock to performing water changes and testing water quality.

I’ve decided to give my Tank Selection worksheet away for free! Just sign up for the Aquarium Tip Tank e-updates and news up there in the upper right hand corner and we will send you the link to get your free worksheet! Then, feel free to change it and update the checklist as you wish.

Have you made up any checklists of your own? Leave comments below.