Happy 4th of July USA! Help Save Your Coral Reefs!

It’s been a little while since we’ve talked about coral restoration here at Aquarium Tip Tank. In the last few days we’ve come across an interesting read about suggestions for market-based strategies for sustainable funding of restoration projects of marine environments in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary (FKNMS). We’ve also found a link to a quick, and easy survey on Reef Relief’s site that asks SCUBA divers and snorkelers that have recently visited the Florida Keys a few short questions about their experience, and their awareness and participation level in reef conservation programs.

The Georgia Aquarium is involved in the Florida Keys reef conservation initiative. Brett Howell has been involved in his Conservation Fellowship at Georgia Aquarium for about a year and a half now. To sum things up, he is trying to find market-based solutions to funding issues of marine conservation programs. Many of these programs are currently funded by time-limited grants. At some point, the money necessary to run the coral nurseries and reef conservation efforts will run out, or the time will be up. They are trying to restore reefs that us SCUBA divers, snorkelers, and fisherman love to enjoy. There has got to be a way to keep these reef restoration programs running and they want your help and your ideas.

For much more detailed information about what I am talking about please head on over to the Gaia Endeavors blog post that contains the comment, from 19 endorsing organizations and 7 individuals, to support market-based strategies submitted to FKNMS here. I implore those interested to download the full comment that is at the bottom of that post and read it to get an understanding of their suggestions for a market-based funding solution.

Then, if you’re a SCUBA diver or snorkeler that has visited the Florida Keys and enjoyed the wonder and beauty of the underwater Florida Keys ecosystem, head on over to Reef Relief’s blog post here and leave your own feedback in the quick, easy survey that they have included at the bottom.

Got any coral reef restoration ideas?  Are you good at raising money for a good cause? Leave your comments below!