Tip of the Day | Only One Angelfish!

Today’s aquarium tip from Aquarium Tip Tank is just to help you relax and not worry about fish fights! Angelfish are considered to be very territorial and aggressive fish especially toward species of their own kind and sex. Therefore, it would probably be best, especially if you’re a beginner, to keep only one angelfish in your tank!

Now, this does not mean that there aren’t some species of the Pomacanthidae family that can be kept together under the correct conditions. However, it is not unusual for many angelfish species to fight with their own kind and with others of similar shape, color, and size. Therefore choosing the correct angelfish for the community of fish that you already have, and plan to have in your tank is also important. Some of the medium size species do well with other non-aggressive fish of other non-related species such as Anthias, Blennies, Butterflies, Gobies, and Tile fish. A few of the larger species of angelfish do well with other less-aggressive fish such as Trigger, Hawks, Groupers, Eels, Damsels, and Surgeonfishes. Make note that all of these other species that were listed are either non-aggressive or less aggressive. If taunted, angelfish will normally not back down from a fight.

What other fish do you keep with your angelfish? Leave a comment!