Tip of the Day | Placing Your Reef Corals

This aquarium tip from Aquarium Tip Tank is all about where to place corals and sessile invertebrates in your reef aquarium that have different lighting requirements. Different corals require different amounts of light and we want to make sure that you set up your reef aquarium in a way that will keep all of your corals and sessile invertebrates happy and healthy! If they’re happy and healthy, then so are you.

First, as always, do your due diligence and do some research about the corals that you want to keep and their lighting requirements. You’ll probably find that there are corals that have high lighting requirements, or require a lot of light, and that there are low-light corals that don’t require direct light all of the time. In most aquarium tanks, your lighting is coming from the top of the tank. Therefore, and it may seem somewhat obvious, the high-light corals that require a lot of direct light during a large period of time of the day should be placed closer to your light source and at the top of your tank. The low-light corals that do not require direct sunlight, or don’t require light for as much time of the day, or are natural in deeper ocean environments, should be placed further away from your aquarium’s light source and at the bottom of the tank.

You can enjoy a little creativity with how you place your corals in your reef aquarium as well. Maybe you have a high-light coral at the top of the tank, or an overhanging rock structure that is providing some shade to an area in the middle of your tank. You may be able to place a low-light coral in that shade, and see how it grows!

Have corals with different lighting requirements? How did you place them in your aquarium? Leave a comment below.