Tip of the Day | Start with Less Salt Mix

Today’s tip of the day from Aquarium Tip Tank will conserve some water and save some money on those water bills! It is much easier to add salt to your saltwater mixture than it is to add water or start all over. So, just start with less sea salt mix than the “recipe” on your salt mix calls for!

Constantly check your salinity to make sure that you did not add too much of your salt mix. If you do, you may have to add more water to your mixture to dilute more of the salt mix and bring the salinity back down. There are many complications that this could lead to. You may not have any room in your mixture container for more water. If this happens, you’ll have to dump at least some of the water in your mixture container out and now your just wasting water. You also may not have any filtered water left to add to your mixture. If this is the case, then you have to go get your Reverse Osmosis filter out and take the time to filter more tap water.

The process of adding salt mix to your saltwater should be that you add a little less than what is called for by the manufacturer of the saltwater. Then, you stir and mix the water until all of the salt mix is dissolved and the water is clear again. Testing should be done every time some salt mix is added, but should only be done once all of that salt mix has dissolved and the water is clear again.

Just add a little bit of your salt mix at a time and you should slowly end up at a salinity that is suitable for your aquarium. If you add salt mix too quickly, you may end up emptying some or all of your water and starting all over!

Adding saltwater right now? How’s the mixture going? Let us know in the comments below.