Tip of the Day | Stock your Aquarium Slowly

Today, we will share an aquarium tip that will keep the fish that you have in your tank healthy, possibly help cycle your tank, and definitely help keep your water parameters stable. So, today’s tip is to stock your aquarium slowly, start with just a few hardy fish, and do not immediately stock your tank with a full load of fish!

If you immediately stock your aquarium with a full load of fish, those fish will overproduce waste and create too much ammonia and nitrite for your tank and all of its filters to handle! First, if you are cycling your tank by adding fish hopefully you’ve done your research enough to realize that if you add too many fish too quickly, then there isn’t enough good bacteria in your aquarium yet to take care of all of the ammonia and nitrites that the waste from all of your fish produce. Well, the concept is the same even if you have gone through the nitrogen cycle without fish.

Every animal that you add to your aquarium is going to produce waste. Your nitrifying bacteria in your tank needs a little bit of time to adjust to the added waste that every new animal you introduce to your tank produces. If you add fish at the proper rate, that nitrifying bacteria should grow proportionally in response to the added load. If you add too many fish too quickly, the nitrifying bacteria will not have a chance to grow to the correct proportions and additional ammonia and nitrites will be detected in your water. If there is too much ammonia and nitrites in your water, you will end up placing additional stress on your fish and more than likely, some fish will die.

Just calm down, take it slow and put 1-3 hardy fish in your aquarium to start off with. Enjoy those fish  for a few weeks while regularly testing your water conditions and if everything goes well, then you can add 1 or 2 more!

Are you about to stock your aquarium? Did you just put some new fish in your tank? Leave a comment below and tell us all about it!