Tip of the Day | Take Reefs Slow

Today at Aquarium Tip Tank we’re going to provide an aquarium tip that will help you with the success of your reef aquarium! This will help you keep from shocking your tank and your water conditions, and is similar to stocking fish. Its simple, and the tip is just to take it slow. Take time to stop and look around at the small organisms that might be growing very slowly in your new, beautiful ecosystem, or you might miss something fantastic. Take a 1 year period to work on and get your tank to its “final” settings, not 1 month.

At Aquarium Tip Tank we have talked about how aquariums don’t have to be a lot of hard work, and stressful. This tip may seem to go against that, and may make it seem like an aquarium takes a lot of time and effort. But really, we’re just trying to get you to pause, relax, observe, and enjoy the process of populating your tank with corals and invertebrates. Much like stocking your tank with fish too quickly, we’re also trying to make sure that you don’t stock your reef aquarium too quickly or too full.

Sessile invertebrates can grow at a very slow pace, and if you keep your water conditions clean and pristine, your corals and anemones will grow. But they don’t grow as fast as fish do. So, stock your tank with 1 to 3 invertebrate frags to begin with (depending on the size of your tank of course), add 1 to 3 hearty fish that are compatible with those invertebrates, and just relax, observe, and enjoy for a couple months while performing regular water changes, keeping pristine water quality, and performing your regular aquarium duties. After that, if you want to add a few more invertebrates, do your due diligence and repeat the process of stocking slowly!

How’s your reef aquarium coming along? Leave a comment below.