Tip of the Day | The Wet Test

Today we’ll share an aquarium tip that will help you relax, and stay stress free when setting up your aquarium. This time the scenario is that you’ve cleaned out your tank for your aquarium, you’ve set up the aquarium stand, you have all of your filters, lights, pumps, power-heads, sumps, pipes, heaters, and thermostats attached and your ready to put in your substrate and live rock and get your tank cycled! Slow down a little, and here’s why you should do a wet run of your complete aquarium system.

What if you’ve spent all that time doing the research and planning for your aquarium, you have everything in your tank, you flip the on switch, and a pump doesn’t work, or a heater doesn’t work? Now, you may end up having to take all of that substrate, live rock, rock-work, and decorations back out of your aquarium, drain the aquarium, replace the faulty part, and start populating your tank all over again! Just fill the system with water only and turn everything on to perform a wet test of your aquarium to save yourself some time and hassle if a pipe is leaking or a valve isn’t working properly. This way, the water is the only thing that you may have to empty out, you’ve saved yourself some time, and possibly saved yourself from losing some live rock or some of your substrate. There’s no need for that stress. Relaxation is what your aquarium is all about!

Ever had everything set up, turned the switch on, and something didn’t work? Comment below!