Tip of the Day | Don’t Overfeed your Fish!

Here at Aquarium Tip Tank we’re always trying to share aquarium tips that will help you keep your water clean, and your fish and invertebrates healthy. Simple tips are also great because they don’t take much time for you to accomplish and they let you relax and enjoy your aquarium. This one is really simple. Just don’t overfeed your fish!

In one regular feeding, if you’re fish and other tank cohabitants aren’t finishing the amount of food that you give them in about 3 to 5 minutes, then you are overfeeding your aquarium. You are adding more waste to your aquarium and making more work for the nitrite and ammonia filtering bacteria of your biological filter. Often, this leads to a breakdown in water quality, your fish getting stressed, and health problems for you aquarium.

So just watch your fish eat. That’s a lot of the fun of owning an aquarium anyway! While your fish are enjoying the feast and you’re enjoying the show take a look at your watch, clock, or timer and see how long it takes the cohabitants of your tank to eat different portions of food. Figure out which portion size takes 3 to 5 minutes to be eaten and use that portion every time!

How much do you feed your fish? Leave comments below!