Tip of the Day | Unplug and turn off your heater when changing your aquarium water

Today’s aquarium tip is really just an added tip to keep you more relaxed about the lifetime of your heater. There are some heaters on the market these days that automatically turn off if the water level is below a certain level around the heater. On the other hand, some heaters don’t come with that option and it is always possible for that water level sensor to fail.

So, it just doesn’t take much time to unplug and turn off your heater when performing a water change for your aquarium or whenever removing your heater from water. First, if you remove your heater from water and it stays on there is a very good possibility that the heater will overheat and break. Second, if your aquarium’s heater doesn’t overheat from not being submersed in water and staying turned on it is probably going to get very hot. Many aquarium heaters have glass in them that can get very hot if this happens. When you submerge that hot glass back into cooler water it is very possible that the glass will crack  from the sudden temperature change. Then, you won’t have a heater that works, and who knows what is in those heaters that can leak out into your aquarium water and destroy your water parameters.

Unplugging your heater when it will be taken out of water is easy to do, and could save you an emergency trip to your LFS. Ever have a heater problem? Tell us about it below!