Tip of the Day | Use a Timer for your Aquarium Lighting

You want to know one of our top five aquarium tips for relaxation and enjoyment of your home aquarium? Do you want the aquarium tip that will get rid of two daily chores throughout every day of your aquarium owning life? That’s right! Go out, and buy an inexpensive timer from your local hardware store, plug your aquarium lights into it, set it for the correct times, and whoa-la!

You just saved yourself from having to remember to turn the lights on at the beginning of the day, and turn the lights off at the end of the day. You also just shed some stress of worrying about if your fish, plants, and corals are getting the correct amount of light. No more worries about forgetting to turn the lights on when you rushed out the door late for work in the morning. No more rushing home from a nice night out with your family or some drinks at the bar to make sure you turn your aquarium lights off.

How long should your lights be on? Typically, anywhere from 8 to 12 hours a day will be adequate for most home aquariums. Is there any particular time of day that the aquarium lights should be turned on or off? Not necessarily. As long as there is a regular schedule of the lights going on about the same time every day and off around the same time every day your fish, plants, and corals should stay happy and stress free. Personally, I keep my light on for 10 hours a day and I like to make sure that I can enjoy my aquarium after work. Therefore, I don’t like to turn my lights on at 8am and off at 6pm because I might not even be home during those hours. My lights are set to come on at noon and turn off at 10pm. They do this every day, and the residents of my aquarium seem fairly happy.

Make sure you understand what you’re keeping in your aquarium and you know what the lighting requirements are for your aquarium’s residents. Adjust the timer for your lighting accordingly, put your feet up, and enjoy!

How do you time your aquarium lighting? Leave a comment!