Tip of the Day | Use Checklists!

Today’s aquarium tip will help keep things simple, remind you of tasks to perform, and help keep your aquarium clean and healthy! Ever top off the water in your tank, but forget to quickly check the temperature? Ever scrub some of the algae growth off of the sides of your tank, but forget to check the specific gravity of your aquarium water? Most of these tasks don’t take a long time to complete, but maybe they just slipped your mind. An easy way to remember these quick maintenance tasks and make sure everything is happy and healthy is to use checklists!

Eventually we plan on offering some checklists for download here at Aquarium Tip Tank. Until then, you may be reading a book about aquariums that has some useful checklists in it. Or, you can always quickly make your own!

A daily check list might just contain a list of tasks like feed fish, check water temperature, check water level, check specific gravity, and clean algae off of aquarium walls. Keeping these checklists electronically would be the best way of doing it so that you don’t use a piece of paper every day of the year. Eventually, the daily checklist entries will turn into your aquarium journal!

Personally, I think its easier to look at a bullet checklist than it is to open a book every day and search through paragraphs of writing and information to find the reminders of the few, quick tasks that need to be completed to maintain your aquarium. These days, you can keep those lists on your smart phone, and check them off as you complete them. That way, you won’t forget anything and you can be assured that you have done all of the required maintenance to keep your aquarium healthy!

Do you use checklists? How many? Where do you keep your checklists? Leave a comment below.