Tip of the Day | Use Hydrometer to test Salinity

Today’s aquarium tip from Aquarium Tip Tank is just one way to test the saltwater that you are adding to your saltwater aquarium to make sure that it is the correct salinity (or has the right amount of salt)! It is also the cheaper way to test the salinity of your saltwater! Grab a hydrometer for $10 or less from your local fish store or That Fish Place and test your salinity!

Make sure that you rinse your hydrometer with tap water before every use. Then, just submerge the hydrometer into your saltwater and watch the floating needle rise to point to the salinity of your saltwater. When you’re putting saltwater into your tank for the first time you’ll want to make sure that your salinity is between 1.o23 and 1.025 for a reef aquarium with corals. For a fish only tank the salinity should be between 1.019 and 1.023.  If you’re adding saltwater to your tank during a routine water change, make sure you test the water that is currently in your aquarium first. Fish and invertebrates don’t like drastic changes in water quality so try to match the salinity of the new water to that of the water that is currently in your tank. The water that is currently in your tank should be withing the salinity ranges listed above. If not, and you’re trying to raise or lower the salinity of your aquarium water, just do so slowly and with very small differences in salinity from the water in your tank to the water that you are adding. You don’t want to shock and stress the fish and invertebrates of your tank!

You can use a refractometer to test the salinity of your water, but they are generally about 4 times as expensive. You do get more precise readings with a refractometer, but a hydrometer usually does the trick.

Making saltwater for your new marine aquarium or for a water change? What is your salinity? What salt mix do you use? Leave your comments below!