Weekly Tip | Relax and Enjoy Your Aquarium

Notice that I didn’t call this one a tip of any one day or any one week, but that this aquarium tip should be recurring. You should do this as often as you can. Just sit back, relax, and take some time to put your feet up and enjoy your aquarium. Some times the hustle of life only allows us time to look at our aquariums while we’re taking care of the quick daily tasks to make sure their maintained and doing well. Take some time to pull a chair over, put all of your aquarium tools away, sit down and enjoy the interactions of the fish and the colors of the corals and invertebrates that you keep.

I know I get caught up in the busyness that life can present. I’ve been traveling for the last 5 weekends. I’ve been working during the week while finding time to unpack, pack again, dive at the aquarium, maintain my home aquarium, and make sure that I sit down to feed myself, and my fish. Sometimes I just have to tell myself, “Put everything down, sit back, put your feet up and just watch what’s going on in your aquarium for a little while.” When I’m done I’m more calm, relaxed, and I’m ready to move on with the rest of my day or night with a sense of ease.

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