Coral Time-Lapse Video

I recently got a new toy. My new Canon 60D takes amazing pictures (actually I guess I’m the one taking the pictures, but I use the 60D to do it), and one of the first things I did was make a time lapse of my green star polyps. Head on over to my new Google+ page and check it out! While you’re there, go ahead and give me a +1!

This is actually a very rough video. I figured out how to set up the camera, put it on a tripod, read a little bit of the manual about taking some macro pictures and started taking some pictures of my small reef tank! I made sure the aperture, shutter speed, and focus were all set up the way I wanted, turned on the small metal halide lamp that lights this nano tank and set the timer to take a picture every 5 seconds for an hour and 15 minutes!

I ended up with 900 photos. I did absolutely nothing to them as far as post-processing goes. Each picture is a frame and the movie was set to 24 frames per second. Export as an avi file to keep the size down a little bit, and this is what I ended up with for my first time-lapse. Enjoy!

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