Aquarium Tip Tank was created by TJ in order to help fish, ocean lovers, and aquarium hobbyists relax and enjoy their home aquarium by providing easy, affordable, real-life tips, lessons, and advice about all types of aquariums. TJ is a volunteer at the GA Aquarium, has owned several freshwater aquariums, currently has a healthy mini-reef in a 12 gallon tank, and is preparing to start his new mini reef in a 30 gallon tank. TJ formed Aquarium Tip Tank in order to take you through his process of setting up, stocking, feeding, and maintaining his new reef aquarium with his posts, tutorial videos, pictures, and podcast about the aquarium hobby. Come on in, sit back, relax and enjoy the journey of setting up and caring for your own beautiful, calming ecosystem!

Many people think that caring for a home aquarium involves a lot of grunt work, is expensive, is stressful, or takes a lot of time. The Aquarium Tip Tank mission is to help you enjoy your pet fish by sharing the secrets of a healthy, relaxing fish tank.  Your fish are your pets to, and our goal is to show you the tips and tricks for easily keeping your tank’s water clear without breaking the bank. Your pet fish will be happy and healthy in their beautiful aquarium.